Get Healthy With Me!

These are amazing self-paced programs that will give a jumpstart to your journey to health and wellness.

7 Day Clean Eating To End Sugar Cravings

A 7-Day Clean Eating To End Sugar Cravings program designed by a holistic health professional to jumpstart your weight loss, help you the extra weight, rejuvenate your body and mind, and reclaim your health!

Meet the coach

Stephanie McCannon


I’m so glad you found me here! I’m a Certified Health & Wellness and Organization Psychologist who is determined to put you a path to feeling happy, healthy and vital.

After years of being a CEO, mother and wife I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

Even though I was perfect weight, did cardio 5 days a week, ate what I was being told was “healthy”, I was dying….way too early and leaving my young children motherless.

I realized I did not like the treatment options being offered by conventional medicine (drugs, surgery, early death) I dove into researching and finding integrative health protocols that provided immediate relief and lasting results.

We are bio-individuals and need to take into account our life, experiences and opportunities of well-being.

There is NO one size fits all, and not one perfect meal plan or exercise regimen that will work for everyBODY. Your body needs and deserves its own understanding and that is what I provide.

I want you to have the health, happiness and vitality you want and deserve!

Welcome to your new beginning.