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Transform your mind, restore your body!

I know it’s not easy...

You have a hard time remaining motivated, happy, and content with yourself.

You’re leaning on coffee, energy drinks, and other types of caffeine and sugar to get through the day.

You’re getting headaches frequently due to your constant worry.

You lose sight of your own well-being and don’t prioritize yourself.

Your stomach is always in knots after meals and digestion is really unpleasant!

You know how it’s affecting your health too…

You’re at your wits end and feeling at your worst…

I want you to know that at this moment, you’re right on the edge of changing all of that forever. You CAN have the life you want, you CAN start reclaiming your life and health with my help!

There’s a better way...

  • What if I told you that there was a way to take charge of your life?
  • That it’s possible to live with more joy, peace, and happiness than ever before?
  • What if you could break through the barriers that are holding you back from achieving what you really want out of this life?

You can do all of these things by practicing mindful habits and getting knowledgeable support to help every step of the way.

I help people learn how to practice mindfulness in their daily lives so they can free themselves from pain and stress.

What I teach is a practice of being present and aware while you go through your daily life.

Mindfulness helps improve your relationships, career, mental health, physical well-being, personal growth and even creativity!

Learning mindfulness can have lasting effects on the way that you live every day so that when challenges come up they don’t cause stress or anxiety but rather help you solve them more effectively.

People learn how to be mindful by practicing meditation which consists of observing thoughts without judgment along with other techniques.

By spending time learning these skills people are able to focus better at work, get quality sleep at night, deal with problems appropriately instead of “freaking out” or “melting down.”

The Path to a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body Has Never Been More Clear…

It is possible to regain total control of your health and body by using the mind for its full potential, and forming healthy habits that are doable. It’s a path that will not only get you away from feeling drained and sick all the time, but it will also help you get away from the negative emotions, limiting ideas, and frustration of self.

You can begin to walk that road immediately by shedding what’s keeping you back. The good news is that you won’t be doing it alone this time.

And.. you shouldn’t have to do it alone when you have a coach ready to fully support you.

You have a lot going on in your life, and it can feel impossible to juggle your personal life, work, family, and try to keep it together. How often do you…

  • Feel paralyzed like you can’t move forward with the day, let alone any goals..
  • Feel sick and exhausted because you’re awake all night overthinking…
  • Feel ready to toss in the towel and give up on your goals and desires because you just don’t have the energy for any of it…

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You Can Reclaim Your Life, You Just Need Some Support!

Health and wellness is important, but it’s also hard to achieve. Most people know we should be eating healthier and exercising more, but we don’t do it because habits are hard to create and even harder to maintain. You desperately want to make a change in your life, but much like any difficult undertaking, you need some encouragement. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll fail for what feels like the millionth time or that you’ll fall off the wagon again. Or maybe you’re unsure where to start when it comes to getting healthier. You don’t have to go through the rest of your life with an “I guess this is me now” mindset, it’s absolutely possible for you to start your health journey today, right now! All you need is a Holistic Health Coach who can guide and encourage you. This way, you’ll have someone who can provide you with:
  • Resources to help you learn how to adopt a healthy mindset, relieve stress, create doable healthy habits, and get a lifestyle that supports your wellness journey
  • An ear to lend and real-time advice to get you through the difficult days
  • Accountability to stick with the program and not give up
  I’ve sat right in the same place you’re sitting in now, and I can assure you that it DOES get easier. Anyone is capable of reclaiming their mindset, body, and health. That’s what I’m here for, you won’t have to get through it alone this time.

Imagine what life can be like...

If you’re ready to take your health seriously, join me on this journey!

Discover How a Healthy Mindset and Habits Routine Can Lead to a Healthy Body

1. 30 Day Jumpstart

Working with me one on one gives you the personalized attention and customized support you need to get optimal results! 

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2. 90 Day Intensive

Intensive coaching provides you with in depth support, tailored sessions and lasting results.

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3. Self-guided Programs

For those who prefer to work alone and learn at their own pace, get the tools you need for your journey!

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It’s time for a change. You know it and I know it. It’s time to stop doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I can help!

During this free 30-minute session, we will discuss what is not working in your life, what could work, and how you can move forward with health in mind both physically and mentally. This is a chance to get started on the right foot so that you feel empowered moving forward with an actionable plan that works for YOU!

Meet the coach

Stephanie McCannon


I’m so glad you found me here! I’m a Certified Health & Wellness and Organization Psychologist who is determined to put you a path to feeling happy, healthy and vital.

After years of being a CEO, mother and wife I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

Even though I was perfect weight, did cardio 5 days a week, ate what I was being told was “healthy”, I was dying….way too early and leaving my young children motherless.

I realized I did not like the treatment options being offered by conventional medicine (drugs, surgery, early death) I dove into researching and finding integrative health protocols that provided immediate relief and lasting results.

We are bio-individuals and need to take into account our life, experiences and opportunities of well-being.

There is NO one size fits all, and not one perfect meal plan or exercise regimen that will work for everyBODY. Your body needs and deserves its own understanding and that is what I provide.

I want you to have the health, happiness and vitality you want and deserve!

Welcome to your new beginning.


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